Friday, 1 February 2013

Oréll Won New Order for Honeycomb from Saint Paul’s School, Rajkot

Oréll Software Solutions has won new order for Honeycomb Campus Management Software from Saint Paul’s School situated at Rajkot, Gujarat.
As per the contract signed with Saint Paul’s School, Rajkot, Oréll has agreed to supply the Honeycomb campus management software with a perpetual license, technical support, free training and maintenance services.

The 24 modules of Honeycomb ERP solutions including Admittance Management, Scholar Monitor, Library Genie, Student Examiner, Scheduler Protocol, Attendance Tracker, Cyber Campus, and Payroll Wizard are highly beneficial for school, colleges, universities and multi-campus to manage the campus administration activities effortlessly within a deadline and strict budget.

Oréll Honeycomb is a versatile and comprehensive full-service 24-module Campus Management Software Suite, precision engineered to enhance the administrative efficacy of educational institutions, thereby making it easier for the managerial staff to lend their time on more productive work. A triumph of teamwork from Oréll, this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Automation System was so named not only for its symbolic representation of the honeycomb's modular design, but also for its resourceful competence, epitomized by the honeybee.

Saint Paul's School, Rajkot, is a Co-educational institution established in 2000 and run by the Catholic minority community. It is managed by the Congregation of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) through a registered body, CMI Kelavani Mandal. The School is affiliated to the Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations (ICSE), New Delhi.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Oréll Launching Honeycomb CCE Software

Oréll launches CCE software that helps CBSE affiliated schools to upgrade to the latest CCE guidelines of Central Board of Secondary Education.
Honeycomb CCE software is a user-friendly software that can convert marks to respective grades, generate report cards as per CBSE guidelines, manage workflow and acts as a repository for student and teacher data.
The major benefits of Honeycomb CCE software includes automated report card generation, cumulative report card for IX and X, quick registration with options to generate photo bar-coded ID card, comprehensive reports for performance analysis, consolidated mark sheets and mid-term CCE reports, individual student profile, personalized setting for fee concession, transport charges and local guardians details and many more.
Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system followed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a student evaluation system in which the traditional marks system is replaced by grades and co-scholastic areas are given a prominent place in the student report card. It is a process of assessing students on a continuous basis in a cyclic manner. Honeycomb CCE provides the ideal platform to implement a practical CCE system is schools. It acts as a student information system providing the complete details of the student from his scholastic and co scholastic performance to his co-curricular activities and vital statistics.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Gandhi Memorial International School Welcomes Oréll Honeycomb

Oréll Software Solutions has signed new agreement with Gandhi Memorial International School (GIMS), Bali, Indonesia for implementing Honeycomb ERP at their campus.

Following the product demonstration by the Sr. Business Executive of Oréll, Mr. Elhil Maran Sambath, the school authority decided to implement Honeycomb ERP for their campus administration needs. Mr. Vinod Singh, the Principal of Gandhi Memorial International School took initiative to bring Honeycomb to GIMS campus for the effortless handling of administration procedures and to reduce the workload of staff.

Honeycomb ERP Suite is a comprehensive 24-module campus management software engineered to enhance the administrative efficacy of educational institutions such as School, College, University, Multi-campus etc. Mr. Elhil collected the customization requirements of the school and handed over the process study details to the product developers of Oréll for customization of Honeycomb. Honeycomb Admission Management, Reporting module and Cyber Campus are the three modules that require customization according to the institute authority.

Gandhi Memorial International School opened to the residents of Bali in Renon Bali on 23rd July, 2007. GMIS Bali, a coeducational and multicultural international school is the only branch of GIMS, Jakarta . The school offers a blend of traditional values and a progressive approach to education. English is the principal medium of instruction and Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, French and Hindi studies are part of the Foreign language curriculum. GMIS is committed to providing high quality education and lifelong learning opportunities to the Community.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Oréll wins new order for Honeycomb ERP from Konkani Bhas Ani Sanskriti Prathistan

Oréll Software Solutions has won new order from Konkani Language and Cultural Foundation, Mangalore for implementing Honeycomb ERP suite.

Oréll's agreement with the Foundation includes a perpetual license, online support for installation and training for the use of software. Gurudath Bantwalkar, the Assistant Director of the organization contacted Oréll coordinators and signed the contract for Honeycomb ERP.

The association of Oréll with Konkani Language and Cultural Foundation started with the implementation of ODLL (Oréll Digital Language Lab) at World Konkani Centre, the institution which runs under the aegis of Konkani Bhas Ani Sanskriti Prathistan (Konkani Language and Cultural Foundation). Following the implementation of the digital language lab, authority of the institution decided to opt for Honeycomb ERP, a comprehensive full-service administration software.

The requirements of the organization include tracking stock, assets, purchasing, shipping, tally depreciation and almost every other aspects of supply as well as storage and accessibility of items in order to insure an adequate supply without excessive oversupply. Honeycomb ERP provides special privileges for users to control and access data, according to their needs. By using Honeycomb ERP, the staff of the Konkani Bhas Ani Sanskriti Prathistan can easily deal with inventory management and other administrative functions of the organization.

Konkani Language and Cultural Foundation is a registered non profit cultural organization, which was founded in 1996 with the singular objective of preserving and promoting Konkani language, art, culture, literature and folklore. The Centre consists of a Museum, a Library, Research Centre, Hall of Fame, and a state of the art Convention Facility consisting of a Seminar Hall, an Air-conditioned Board Room and Auditorium.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Chandulal Chandrakar Govt Arts and Science College Implemented Library Genie

Library Genie, the premium solution for library management was implemented at Chandulal Chandrakar Govt Arts and Science College located at Patan, Durg in Chattisgarh on October12, 2012.

As per the agreement signed by Oréll coordinators with the authority of the college, a fully customized version of Library Genie was implemented by Mr. Hem Chandra Menon, the business executive of Oréll.

Govt. Chandulal Chandrakar Arts & Science College, which established in 1989 is an AICTE approved institution which renders higher education to the students residing in the state. The college owns a full fledge library with rich resources, which provides a wide range of reading and reference materials to the students. With the implementation of Library Genie at the college, it will be easy for the library staff to manage the whole library activities with just a few clicks.

S.K. Das, the Assistant Professor (Geography) of the college was the contact person for Oréll delegates and he made all arrangements for the installation. Following the installation on October
12, post-installation training session was also conducted for educating the staff of the library regarding the working of Library Genie and its effectiveness in library management. Tikariha, the librarian of the institute remarked that the implementation of Library Genie will be an important event in the history of college.

Library Genie is powerful enough to manage the whole library collections of the institute and it can keep track of the library circulation data, manage fine transactions, generate missing/damaged material reports and much more. 

Oréll Wins Library Genie Contract from Jammu

Oréll has won new contract from the Govt. College for Women Parade Ground located at Jammu, the city of temples and the winter capital of Jammu & Kashmir state.

The agreement was signed for the implementation of Library Genie, the complete library automation software. Library Genie, the ingenious library manager from the house of Oréll Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd will help the college to manage their library activities in effortless manner. The contract was signed by Dr.  Hemla Aggrawal, the principal of the college on behalf of the institution.

The Government College for Women  Parade, Jammu is J&K' s leading educational institution providing quality education to students. The college was established in 1944, re-accredited by National Assessment and Accredited Council (NAAC) and granted A grade. The college has also been designated as A Lead-College of J&K state.

The library automation project signed by Oréll includes automation of the entire library activities of the Government College for Women Parade Ground. Library Genie is an innovative solution that is very useful for every librarian and it is designed to catalog, search, and circulate all library collections including books, CDs, video tapes, DVDs, documents, equipments, manage member/patron information, keep track of the library circulation data, manage fine transactions, generate missing/damaged material reports and much more.

By implementing library Genie, educational institutions can help the administrative staff to focus on more productive work and can ensure quality management through reduced cost & time, minimal manual effort and excellent library functionality with greater ease. 

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Govt. Chandulal Chandrakar Arts & Science College Opted for Library Genie

Govt. Chandulal Chandrakar Arts & Science College has signed agreement with Oréll for our library automation software, Library Genie.

Library Genie is an out of the box solution that is very helpful for every librarian who wants to organize the library materials perfectly. It is designed to catalogue, search, and circulate all library collections including books, CDs, video tapes, DVDs, documents, equipments, manage membership information, keep track of the library circulation data, manage fine transactions and many other activities of a library.

Established in 1989, in Durg district of Chattisgarh, Govt. Chandulal Chandrakar Arts & Science College is an AICTE approved college which renders higher education to the students residing in the state. Like any other high quality educational institution, Chandulal Chandrakar Government College also owns a good library with a huge collection of books. Hence, it is very important for the institution to maintain all the library contents and records in a well-organized manner. Realizing this, the authority of the college decided to opt for library automation software.

Knowing how well Oréll’s Library Genie performs in library automation processes helped the college authority to choose it for the complete management of the college library. Mr. Hem Chandra Menon, the senior business analyst from Oréll conducted a demo on Library Genie for the college authorities and they got really impressed by the product and signed deal with Oréll. Team Oréll has started the process study to collect the customization requirements of the college to make it a perfect solution for the library management.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Christ College Signed Agreement with Oréll for Honeycomb

3 October 2012- Oréll Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has signed deal with the Christ College, Gujarat for implementing Honeycomb ERP Suite at their campuses.

According to the contract, Oréll has agreed to install Honeycomb at three Christ college campuses including Christ College, Christ Institute of Management and Christ Polytechnic all of which runs under the Rajkot diocese.

Our association with the college management started long back through the implementation of Oréll Digital Language Lab (ODLL) at the campus. The college authorities were very much satisfied with the ODLL product and they showed great interest for other Oréll products, especially Honeycomb ERP Suite.

Following this, the business analyst team from Oréll presented a demo on Honeycomb illustrating the versatile features of Honeycomb. Finding its optimum quality and comprehensive full-service 24-modules, the college management decided to opt for Honeycomb and they signed contract with Oréll.

The mission of Christ College is to provide innovative and quality systems of learning to the young generation through quality management, and to equip them to become prolific, productive, proactive human resources and responsible citizens of the nation. Since its inception, Christ campus epitomises the quest for excellence in higher education. With the implementation of Honeycomb, Christ College, Christ Institute of Management and Christ Polytechnic will be able to enhance the administrative efficacy of the whole campus.

Christ Campus which established in 1998 derives its distinct character from the state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology-aided teaching-learning process and countless student development programmes. Well-qualified and experienced faculty members work towards the multi-dimensional advancement of the students, expose the students to the latest global developments in the salient academic arenas.